BEAT BULIMIA: Your Pathway To Recovery from Bulimia

1 Day Workshop in London - 3rd September 2022 London )


Experiential workshop developed and facilitated by Vathani Navasothy from BulimiaHope and Awakening Dawn: Eating Disorder Counselling & Training Services, BEAT BULIMIA helps people triumph over disordered bulimic behaviours and provides tools for continuing recovery and healing.

This one day workshop in London is a transformational experience, that will lead you through a journey of self-awareness. While we explore and deal with the difficulties created by your binge and purge behaviours, you will also draw courage from others in the group for growth and support. The program will show you how to access your own strengths and resources to create a positive, successful life with new ways of caring for yourself.

Learning Outcomes of the one day workshop:  

• Powerful insight under your belt, so you can gradually stop vomiting, taking laxatives or diuretics 
• How to effectively deal with and move past your history, and in to your bright future
• Master the art of assertiveness and communicate effectively to get what you want 
• Innovative ways of dealing with stress and anxiety, so you don't reach for food 
• Letting go of guilt and shame from the past to carve out an empowering future 
• Mange the urge to self-sabotage and handle toxic relationships that keep you stuck
• Learn to problem solve both naturally and creatively   
• Appreciate how your brain owns bulimia, how it creates and responds to the past and the future whilst gaining mastery over your cognition  
• Begin to proactively choose how you feel, rather than being the victim of people and events
• The ability to pick your self up and motivate yourself when the going gets tough   
• How to set and achieve realistic goals for your personal weight, shape and size 
• Introduction to successful techniques of Bulimia treatment from modern and innovative psychological treatments 

Suitability for this workshop:  

Anyone who suffers from or is trying to recover from Bulimia would benefit by enrolling on this workshop, so they can achieve a life of peace and harmony with themselves.

NB: Those with Dual Diagnosis will benfit from our 1-2-1intensive BreakThrough session.


Learn how previous experiences affect your feelings, thoughts and habits, and identify the patterns that contribute to your relationship with food. These patterns can have a powerful impact on your relationships with family, co-workers and friends.


Sharing in the security of a small group of individuals with similar experiences and hopes for the future will help you cultivate a new perspective. There will be ample time to address individual concerns as well as a broad range of issues that are important to those who have had difficulties with food.

Moving Forward:

Vathani will take steps to ensure that you have consolidated newly acquired skills and insights to carry you into your better future. You will discover a new course for your life once you rid yourself of bulimic thoughts and actions. This workshop is delivered with the intention to set you on the path to a new you and a new life.

Ongoing Support:

Those who complete the workshop will have access to continued support through Vathani Navasothy via monthly calls. Opportunity to work with Vathani 1-2-1 is also open to you.

The "Beat Bulimia" workshop was created by Vathani, a practicing counsellor and expert in the field of eating disorders with more than 19 years as a workshop and seminar leader. She is a broadcaster, the author of the CBT-based "Conquer Bulimia Success Programme," and the leader of various International Teleseminar series and coaching programs for bulimia recovery. Visit her other website: for information about alternative treatment and more about your bulimia recovery.

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