Eating Disorders are very much thought of as, using food and eating behaviours as a coping method of problems that surround us in our every day life.

Awakening Dawn offers, Confidential and highly specialised Eating Disorder Counselling for those suffering from Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating, Obesity and Yo Yo Dieters. This therapeutic Counselling is based on a Person-Centres approach, whilst using various other powerful forms of techniques and concepts such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotional Freedom Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Motivational Interviewing, Art Therapy and so on in a holistic fashion appropriate to individual Client’s needs.

Here are some features that your Counselling session could consist of:

  • Physiological and Biochemical correction of your body and diet
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Body Image
  • Faulty Thinking & feeling
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Relationship skills
  • Emotional management
  • Self Esteem & Self Care
  • Sexual Abuse recovery
  • Life management & Social pressures
  • Compulsivity & Obsessions
  • Overcoming Perfectionism
  • Relapse management
  • Stress Management
  • Healing via creative expressions (art, movement, poetry, music)
  • Exercise interventions
  • Coaching
  • Spirituality and many more !

We have come up with various methods by which you can receive Counselling, to allow you freedom of choice and practicalities to suit your needs.


Initial Consultation of 90minutes is offered at £150 - payable in advance.


If after this Initial Consultation, you decide counselling is for you, then ongoing weekly sessions (60minutes) will takes place at an agreed date and time slot to give you that personal benefit of one to one Counselling.

Face to face Counselling is provided based at Victoria clinic (London) & Central London clinics.

Fees :

£99 per session (London - Zone 1)

£74 per session (Wallington, Surrey - Zone 4)

* Fees are payable in ADVANCE; in a batch of four sessions.


You may choose to have the weekly session, over the phone or Zoom instead. Allowing you, the comfort of your own home.

Fee: £74 per session. (Student Concession avilable , please ask).


Having a session over the Internet is the latest fashion in the world of e-therapy!

Taking a form of LIVE therapeutic chat, it can be effective and beneficial to you, if the above doesn't appeal to you or if a therapist is not based near you with added flexibility of connecting from anywhere in the world. Additionally you can choose to write your mail to your Counsellor, and know the e-mail therapy support will reach you within 48hours (response normally within 24hours). Your Counsellor will guide you through, what seems like a personal MENTORING approach to move you forward.

This can also be a “one off Consultation” away from weekly binding commitment , with productive feedback, highlighting the areas for focus and tips on implementing changes to base your own therapy or self-help methods!

Fee: £54


In order to receive Counselling, in any of the above forms –Please make sure we receive your payment in advance.


Some times, one hour session may not be enough or you may wish to address the core limiting issue in one sitting, without needing to return to the clinic.

If time, life circumstances or distance is your challenge, then a " BreakThrough" session may be the solution for you. This session normally carrries on till natural "breakthrough" is achieved, lasting 180 minutes in one sitting.

Fee: £399 ( $580) per sitting (session can range from 3+ hours)

Face to face or Zoom based sessions , to bust your disorderly eating habits, stress eating, comfort eating, binge eating or time triggers eating. Fee includes , TWO lots of follow up calls to check your progress and support.




0756 124 3371


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