1) BEAT BULIMIA - Your 1 Day Therapeutic Workshop in London - 4th September 2021

10am-4:305pm @ London Venue



To book your place on this Beat Bulimia workshop call 0756 124 3371!



Join Our 60 minutes Q&A WEBINAR with a Bulimia Specialist Vathani Navasothy

Your next call: 14th January, This is a FREE Q&A call offered MONTHLY from 8pm UK (3pm EST/12pm PST/5am AEST/ 2pm CDT). So remember to register , to make sure you get the call details and automatic event recording acess after the event ! 


3)* Self Help WITH Support * ( 12 Weekly Webinar Group Coaching, with Videos & 1-2-1 Support)

Virtual Tour Date: September 2021 Start

Start Date: 6th September 2021

Time : 8m GMT - 3m EST - 12pm PST (recording of LIVE calls avialble to all course delegates)

Duration: 12 Weeks with an Hour call each week (+ 1hour 1-2-1 Registration call )

Your Investment: £247 / $379 (which includes self help e-book, 13 hour coaching, MP3 webinar LIVE & then replays, 60 minute worth weekly inspirational videos & unlimited e-mail access to Vathani)

Calls: Weekly recordings will be made available. You will also get down loadble MP3 to save it where you want! Unlimited e-mail support to you, during your 12 week Therapeutic journey.

To register E-mail: (group space limited to 8 at a time. Course repeated 2 x a year.)

4) THE CONQUER BULIMIA SUCCESS PROGRAM: - E-Book Self-Help for Bulimia Recovery

written by Vathani Navasothy and edited by Mark Dobryniewski.

A simple, risk-free self-help course(e-book) designed to help you, or someone you love, break free from Bulimia

  • 1.6 Million people in the UK alone are affected by an eating disorder owing to faulty body image -emphasising the ever growing trend in the increase and prevalence !
  • 79% of the 500 families interviewed, revealed the lasting & devastating impact of disorders such as bulimia - where the expected support from the GP was less that 46%!
  • As many as 1 in 20 female high school and college students develop an eating disorder, and for many of those women, that is just the beginning of many years of pain, heartbreak and suffering for both the women themselves, and those around them. Now school boys and grown men are right behind them as sufferers!

At BulimiaHope, we’ve designed a self-help program called the CONQUER BULIMIA SUCCESS PROGRAM! It has been developed with the single purpose of helping bulimia sufferers free them selves from this disorder so they can live happy and fullfilling lives.

Here are some of Testimoials of what bulimia sufferers have said :

“I used the program and it’s great. I really enjoy my food now.”

– Cindy T.

“ You gave me the kick start I needed but it’s the encouragement & genuine interest that’s really helped me towards my goals. Thank you for everything. ”

– Emily

When it comes to eating disorders, there can be dozens of causes , including:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Low self esteem
  • Poor body image
  • Weight History
  • Bad relationships
  • Outside pressures (media, friends)
  • Emotional issues
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Perfectionism
  • Rebellion
  • Boredom
  • Past abuse
  • Fear
  • The good news is that, by addressing the causes of bulimia, the condition can be cured, and the even better news is that the CONQUER BULIMIA SUCCESS PROGRAM has already helped many people cure themselves of bulimia.

The CONQUER BULIMIA SUCCESS PROGRAM lays out the possible causes of your condition, allowing you to understand what makes the condition happen, and what you need to change to rid yourself of bulimia forever, without expensive drugs or budget-breaking therapy treatments.

“ I wanted to say a proper thank you for Karen, she is on an even keel now and I want to say a huge thank you for everything you have done for her. PS Good news – Karen has an interview for Cambridge!! With every good wish ”

– Karen’s Mother


Put simply, we do more than just send you an e-book; we give you an 11-chapter, 286 page, step-by-step guide with 114 hand on exercises to beating bulimia and a food diary so you can track your eating habits. All of this comes with the monthly support from Vathani Navasothy via one hour free Teleclass to trouble shoot any challeges you may have along the way.

The people behind the CONQUER BULIMIA SUCCESS PROGRAM are me: Vathani Navasothy, a practicing counselor and eating disorder mentor with over a decade of experience in the field, and Mark Dobryniewski, NLP Master Practitioner. We have already helped many people on a one-to-one basis, helping an incredible number of bulimia sufferers cure themselves permanently using modern and effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EFTand NLP techniques.

My experience in the field, with a broad range of clients from a variety of backgrounds, has allowed me to map out the reasons why people develop poor eating habits, and test a wide range of theories and treatments to determine which ones work, and which simply waste a client’s time and money.

The results of that decade of experience are now available to everyone, as part of this incredible program

“You have set out a course of action that we can use to reshape the lives of these girls, and enjoyably work toward liberating them from the burdens they carry.

With your insights and help, these young women can learn more about who they are – and more importantly, why they are behaving in these self-destructive patterns. Thank you!”

– K. Stacey


“Your book is written in a down-to-earth style, and your self-assessment questionnaire will set readers on the path to self-awareness and recovery.

I firmly believe that with your help, many women can find their way to good health, happiness and well-being!”.

– Kim S.


  • An 11-chapter, 287 page e-book containing 114 step-by-step program instructions,
  • A personal food/trigger log diary to help you keep track of your eating habits
  • A 100% unconditional, no questions, money back guarantee with your receipt of sale for a whole 60 days !
  • The Conquer Bulimia Success Program is more than simple advice. It’s more than a few theories thrown on to a page. It’s more than a sales pitch and promises that can’t be fulfilled.


“I feel full of hope and now look forward to the future - it made me realize that I am not the only person in the world to suffer from Bulimia - thank you - you have changed my life!”

- Lesley P.
South Devon

To find out more click here CONQUER BULIMIA SUCCESS PROGRAM! or


EDAW2015: 22nd - 28th Feb 2015

PAST (FREE) EVENTS MARKING Eating Disorder Awarenes Week :

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