Awakening Dawn, was founded by me, Vathani Navasothy, in 1998, as a result of a life long passion to impact my existence with the strong desire to empower others in their everyday life!

Although it started off as a way of delivering various holistic Treatments of body, mind and spirit along with my previous ten year Counselling experience – it wasn’t until I specialised as an Eating Disorder Specialist, twenty one years ago that our services truly started to flourish in to what it is today. 


“Just like a seed that has the potential to grow and flourish, with the rays of the warming sun, water from the clouds above, grounding and nurturing soil – so too can we, reach to our true full potential, if we are nurtured and facilitated in our path to the self fulfilling prophecy “

This humanistic and holistic philosophy under pins the core objective of the services we provide. Awakening Dawn’s vision is to make a difference to those suffering from any form of eating disorders. It also aspires to support the loved ones of the sufferer, as well as raise awareness and educate special sectors of our community, such as Fitness Industry, Schools & Collages , National Health Services as well as in our work places. We also strive to promote awareness and teach specialised skills to those who work front line with many suffers of Eating Disorders – knowingly or unknowingly. These include local General Practices (GPs), Health & Fitness Clubs, Charity sector and so on in the form of training, keynote talks and workshops.

Experts at Awakening Dawn:

Vathani Navasothy: Practising as a Counsellor for the last 31 years, and as a specialist in the Eating Disorder field for the last nineteen years – what you see blow are just some of my credentials, which I hope will reassure you as to my areas of expertise:

  • B.Sc Physiology
  • M.Sc Exercise and Health Behaviour
  • Diploma: Advanced Eating Disorder Practitioner
  • Diploma: Obesity Practitioner
  • Diploma: PC Counselling (BACP- Member)
  • Diploma: Sports Psychology
  • Certificate in Group Therapy
  • Certificate in Counselling in Primary Care
  • Certificate in Psychosexual Therapy
  • Emotional Freedom Therapy EFT (AAMET level 2)
  • NLP (Neuro-linguistic prgramming) /Hypnosis Certificates
  • Member of National Centre for Eating Disorders
  • Member of British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP).
  • Registered Eating Disorder Expert (National Centre for ED)
  • Exercise Prescription, Diet & Nutrition Consultant
  • Personal Trainer
  • Gym Instructor & Lifestyle Coach
  • Summer Camp Leader & Co-ordinator
  • Weight management/Obesity/Bulimia- Group Facilitator
  • Trainer (Fitness Industry , NHS & Schools)
  • ITEC : Physiology, Anatomy & Massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Reiki Level 2
  • Advance Toastmaster - CC

Other past experts passionately involved, in making AD a great success are:

Manivannan Navasothy Webmaster & Creative consultant to Awakening Dawn. (B.Sc in Physics; 3 Years of Transpersonal Counselling Training; Facilitator of Esoteric workshops and Tribal Empowerment Camps - all of which explore Creativity, Psychology & Spirituality of individuals and groups).

Mark Dobryniewski- Co-founder of `BulimiaHope.com’ site - an internet site for web based Self-help program(e-book written by Vathani Navasothy), and other treatment / recovery methods exclusively for Bulimia sufferers. Qualified Engineer and NLP practitioner.

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