Your Binge Eating Recovery :


One Day Therapeutic Workshop in London (Sat.6th May 2023 - 9:30am-4:30pm)

When binge eating rules your life, it becomes easy to turn in to a recluse or deny your self some of life's basic pleasures and get too preoccupied with your weight; or your dress size. This is where EFT can help you break the vicious cycle.

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique, is the much talked about new psychological technique – developed by Gary Craig. It involves tapping on energy meridians that run through your body whilst tuned into the issue both mentally and physically.

EFT requires you to focus on a challenge (eg: binge eating), and gently tap on specific meridian points on the body, while using sequential language patterns, in order to shift, neutralise or reduce the negative emotions, thoughts, beliefs and underlying unhelpful assumptions.   

Knowing how to apply EFT and mak it specific to your vulnerability , can shift this state of stuckness and bring about immediate relief and positive progress. Here is how, it can help with your binge eating :

  • EFT will help in boosting your confidence and positive body image.
  • This simple tapping will help combat negative influences &binging trigger situations.
  • Gets rid of the deep rooted fears associated with failure as well as success.
  • Overcome self-sabotage and impulses to "stuff down" emotions with food.
  • Develop a more assertive self with clear boundaries.
  • Wean off purging, over exercising, laxative or diuretic use safely.
  • Form a better relationship with self and others.
  • Become a better planner, shopper, stress / time manager around food & eating.

Benefits of EFT tapping:

* Ability to leave food on the plate
* Control and confidence of normal, everyday eating
* Ability to stop when you have had enough & decrease the volume of food
* Enjoy eating mindfully and tune in to the pleasures of your food
* Normalise eating when hungry or around meal time only
* Increased confidence in eating with others and in public
* Associate food with nice taste, smell, sight, & sounds instead of calories
* Boost a sense of wellness without self disgust, depression or guilt
* Drive for healthier weight-related behaviours, for a permanent slimmer you

Why EFT as a Binge Eating Treatment?

  • High success rate, with 85-90% permanent outcome.
  • Safe and easy to apply.
  • No known side effects.
  • Highly effective, even for the most chaotic Binge eater.
  • Immediate sense of control and result
  • Tapping can be done anywhere & any time.
  • It can be used along side other therapies or weight loss strategies.
  • Save money on hours of counselling/therapy.
  • You can apply EFT tapping to improve every aspects of your life.

Who will benefit:

Anyone who suffers from Binge Eating, including bulimic binge eaters, who wishes to live in a state of self-harmony and personal fulfilment, are most welcometo come along.

 1 Day Workshop includes:

* Hands on learning with full supervision in a small, safe and supportive group.
* A comprehensive course manual to take home for reference
* FREE One hour Consultation with Vathani  (Face-to-face or telephone)
* Ongoing support via e-mail to any person who attends this EFT workshop (therapy optional).
* FREE access to various Teleseminars on healthy eating strategies, successful slimming, tips and advice.

Your Facilitator:

Vathani Navasothy, is an Eating Disorder and Binge Eating specialist established in this field for over 31 years. Vathani is the author of the self-help book :
Conquer Bulimia Success Program and an experienced Counsellor (MBACP)/Group Facilitator.

Vathani offers various training for sufferers and professionals.  She is a registered expert with the National centre for eating disorders, and a member of Beat.  She is an NLP / advanced EFT Practitioner accredited by the Association for Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET).

    Delegate Fee:

    £197 per session





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