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Welcome To Eating Disorders Counselling & Training Services in London !

Welcome to Awakening Dawn web site, where we empower you to beat your Eating Disorder with an approach that suits you , for the rest of your life.. if you are READY to recover!


1 Day workshops :

BEAT BULIMIA - 1Day Workshop in London - 10th September

STOP Binge Eating with EFT & Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP)- 1Day practical workshop in London TBC

Make a difference with just one day!

Workshop Places are limited, to book call:

0756 124 3371

Facilitator: Vathani Navasothy
Eating Disorder Specialist ; Trainer; Counsellor; Group Therapist & Keynote Speaker

Want a POWER session to break old habits? 3Hour Break-Through Face to face or Skype Session

Free 7Day Bulimia Stabilizer Program NOW on

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ANOREXIA - Recovery Webinar Free webinar for lovedones of Anorexia struggles

Is this you ?

  • Feeling trapped in a vicious cycle?
  • Feeling bad about the way you look or feel?
  • Given away your personal power to others?
  • Feel restricted by the choices you make about food & daily routines?
  • Trapped in a relationship, heading no where?
  • Frustrated with your, less than personal best – example: direction in life, physical appearance, wellness, quality of life, lack of laughter, happiness wealth or career?….all because of your eating disorder? Then

Awakening Dawn, can:

  • Inspire you! To take the path of recovery from Bulimia, Binge Eating, Anorexia, EDNOS, Obesity or life of Yo Yo Dieting!
  • Motivate you! To embrace the changes that will allow your life to be more happier, fulfilling & satisfying!
  • Empower you! To put you back in to the center of your own life!
  • Instill in you! Skills, techniques, understanding & personal insights, so you can turn your limited life in to the one - with freedom, choice and mastery!

Therapeutic eating disorder counselling is also available for young children, with additional family support for parents. Please call for more info.  

Click here to get your current Checklist of "Unhealthy Eating Patterns "..so you can monitor if you need to change for the better!

Do You Have a Recovery Question For Me?I'll cover some popluar questions and solutions on my FREE Monthly Webinar for you !

Question Submission for NEXT Eating Recovery Webinar on the 19th April.




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